Announcements for 8.21.2016

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    • This week, we will cover HWMR Week 8 ”A Life-ministering Service”.
    •  The weekly ministry webcast will resume on Wednesday in the following homes:
      • Andy Wu – Redmond 206 617 7767
      • Lancaster – Bothell 425 482 4499
      • Miyake – Central  206 290 3787
      • Horace Wang – Somerset 425 653 2249 (Chinese language)
    • Children’s meetings will resume on September 11.
    • A Labor Day conference focused on gaining African-Americans and African peoples for the Lord’s testimony will be held in Houston on Sept 2 to Sept 4.  The subject will be “Four Great Emphases in the Lord’s Recovery for Carrying Out God’s Divine Economy”.  Registration is required by this Monday, August 22nd.  Details are posted on the bulletin board.
    •  Please fill out the service sign-up sheet and place in the box on the counter.
    • Main Hall cleaning Central group (Miyake, Schneider, Lee etc)
    • Second floor/entry area cleaning (Somerset group)

Burdens for Prayer

  • Small groups
  • Bellevue College
  • Elections

This Week:  August 22 – August 28

Morning Revival: The Holy Word for Morning Revival: Service for the Building up of the Church, week 8

Hall Cleaning: Downstairs – Team 1 (Miyakes, Schneiders, Lees, Guerreros’ Home meeting).  Upstairs – Sammamish & Somerset.

Tuesday  7:30 pm: Corporate prayer at the meeting hall

Wednesday  10:00 am: Sisters’ prayer at meeting hall

7:30 pm: Ministry Webcast

Saturday 8:30 am: Breakfast

Lord’s Day 9:30 am: Lord’s Table