Announcements for August 12, 2018

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  • There will be a break in the children’s meetings from August 19 to September 9.
  • We are covering week 3 of the HWMR on “The Spiritual Warfare of the Church as the New Man”. Copies are available in the Bookroom for purchase.
  • We have started our church ministry reading schedule from the “Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move Today”. We are reading week 2 this week. Copies are available in the bookroom.
  • There will not be a love feast on August 19.
  • Regarding the duplex next to the meeting hall, we are planning to make another offer.
  • Bellevue’s Summer School of Truth begins Monday.
  • The families of the young people are helping with meals during the week. You may be contacted if more help is needed.
  • There are SST information sheets on the back counter, including 1) an overall information sheet, 2) information for those hosting the young people, 3) information for those serving.
  • Br. Mark Raabe will give special messages this week on Thursday night and Friday night here at the Bellevue meeting hall. Both meetings will begin at 7:30pm. All the saints are encouraged to attend.

Burdens for Prayer

  • England Training Center
  • Summer School of Truth – Bellevue, Eastern Washington, Seattle, Portland.
  • Meeting hall modifications (parking)
  • Church property
  • Missoula