Announcements for December 17, 2017

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  • Living Stream Ministry is getting ready to put in a production order for the Collected Works of Witness Lee. This is a historic project compiling published and unpublished ministry from 1963 to 1997. There is a significant discount for orders this month. The last day to order the Collected Works of Witness Lee is December 31, 2017. Information and payment options can be found at
  • A larger training center in London is needed to meet the training needs for all of Europe. Land has been acquired adjacent to the current training facility and more funds are needed to complete this project. In the short-term, this is the most urgent financial need for the Lord’s move in Europe.
  • The final registration deadline for the webcast training on Leviticus is next Lord’s day (includes a late fee). The video training begins Tuesday, December 26th and concludes Wednesday, January 3rd.
  • We are not permitted to park next door in the Presbyterian parking lot, if the meeting hall parking lot is full, please use nearby street parking or the Chevron parking lot.
  • This week we will finish our reading of chapter 10, “Dealing with the Self”.
  • This week we are covering week 4 in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on “The Recovery of the Church”.
  • The 2018 International Chinese-speaking Conference in Taipei, Taiwan is Feb 16-18, 2018. Registration has been extended to 12/20/2017.
  • Audio messages for the Puget Sound conference on The Recovery of the Church are available on the church in Bellevue website <>

Burdens for Prayer

  • Germany
  • Fruits to be borne from Bible distributions in Europe
  • Winter Training on Leviticus
  • Israel