Announcements for January 27, 2019

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  • On February 10, we will have the annual business meeting for the church in Bellevue.
  • Fill out the household information form. The Business office will update the phone list if there are changes.
  • The International Chinese-Speaking conference will be held in Anaheim, California, February 15-17, 2019. Please see Michael Lu for signing up.
  • The Memorial Day conference will be held in Seattle this year and there will be a big need to provide hospitality. We will have more details in the coming weeks; we encourage all families to receive hospitality.
  • We are covering week 9 for the Holy Word for Morning Revival on “Propagating the Resurrected, Ascended, and All-Inclusive Christ as the Development of the Kingdom of God”.
  • We will begin the Holy Word for Morning Revival from the Thanksgiving conference. Copies are available in the bookroom.
  • We are reading messages 39 and 40 from the Life-Study of Numbers. The reading schedule is posted on the church website.
  • If you would like a tax report for 2018, please email [email protected]

Burdens for Prayer

  • London Training Center
  • Germany
  • Meeting hall modifications (parking)
  • Prayer meeting
  • Northwest localities