Announcements for November 19, 2017

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  • A care package for the FTTA trainees is on the table and will go down to Anaheim this week (11/19). Please sign cards to encourage the trainees. The FTTA trainees sent from Bellevue, Seattle, and Shoreline are Janice Freeman, April Park, Boeun Lee, Brian Muller, David Hanson, David Welk, and Rebecca Chao. The FTTA-XB trainees are John Gim and Vince Pau.
  • This week we will finish chapter 8, “Knowing the Will of God”.
  • We are covering week 24 from the Holy Word for Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of Ezekiel.
  • The registration deadline for the 2018 International Chinese-speaking Conference in Taipei, Taiwan is November 30th, 2017. Dates for the conference are Feb 16-18, 2018.  Registration information is on the counter.

Burdens for Prayer

  • Thanksgiving conference
  • Fruit to be borne from Bible distributions in Europe
  • Germany
  • Thanksgiving gospel meeting