Announcements for October 1, 2017

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  • Saints burdened to financially support Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Houston, can designate a check for “Puerto Rico,” “Mexico,” or “Houston.”
  • There is no Wednesday night ministry meeting scheduled this week. It will resume the following week.
  • Parents need to sign in and sign out their children for children’s meetings. Third through sixth grade signs in at the multi-purpose room. Please sign out your children immediately after the meeting ends.
  • The reading schedule for the book The Experience of Life is now available on the church in Bellevue website ( Over the next two weeks we are reading chapter 5, “Dealing with the World.”
  • Next Lord’s Day, we will have a joint table meeting.
  • Late registration for the junior high boys retreat is due today. Payment can be handled at the bookroom.
  • Early registration for the junior high girls retreat is due next week. Payment can be handled at the bookroom.
  • Saturday, October 28th, there will be a lunch and fellowship for younger saints (early 20’s to mid-40’s). Please sign up to RSVP.  Location will be announced later.

Burdens for Prayer

  • Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • Situation in Houston
  • Present situation in Germany and Middle East