Announcements for July 9, 2023

  • The July Training is from July 4-12. The remaining meeting schedule is as follows. 
    • Message 8, Lord’s day (7/9), 10:30 am (OPEN MEETING)
    • Message 9, Lord’s day (7/9), 6:00 pm
    • Message 10, Monday (7/10), 7:00 pm
    • Message 11, Tuesday (7/11), 7:00 pm
    • Message 12, Wednesday (7/12), 7:00 pm
  • The North American Chinese Speaking Training will be held from July 26-30 (details can be found at
  • Summer School of Truth (SST) registration is now open and is due by June 30th. There is a registration link for both the young people and serving ones. Summer School of Truth will be held in Bellingham from August 15-20.
  • We will continue our church reading schedule of the Life-Study of Romans this week with messages 49 and 50. You can purchase a set of the Romans Life-studies from the bookroom.
    • The website ( provides great resources for how to get into the Life-study messages.
    • The new Life-Study mobile is now available
  • If you have ministry books in good condition that you would like to donate, please bring them to the bookroom.
  • We will continue week 4 from the Holy Word for Morning Revival from the Thanksgiving conference on “The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity for the Divine Economy”. Please pick up a copy in the bookroom.
  • The brothers serving in Europe expect significant growth in the Full-Time Training in London and have plans to increase the facility to support up to 400 trainees and up to 1000 saints in a conference setting.  Plans have been drawn up and there is a need for $6 million US dollars to construct the needed buildings. Donations can be marked for “London Training Center”. 
  • The Life-Study of the Bible radio broadcast is every Lord’s day at 8:30 pm, KGNW 820 AM
  • Please refer to the table below for the cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Schedule

Clean before July 9Young People Kirkland, Chinese-speaking
Clean before July 16East BellevueSomerset, Chinese-speaking
Clean before July 23Central BellevueEastgate, Chinese-speaking
Clean before July 30RedmondDowntown, Chinese-speaking
July 9 A
July 16B
July 23C
July 30D
Ushering service schedule
July 94
July 161
July 232
July 303
Lord’s table schedule


  • July Training, July 4 – 12
  • College Training, July 16 – 22
  • Bible Camp July 24 – 28
  • Camp Canby, August 10-13
  • Summer School of Truth, August 15 – 20

Burdens for Prayer

  • World situation/Ukraine and China
  • GTCA migration
  • College work (Bellevue college and Puget Sound Area)
  • The prayer ministry of the church