Announcements for November 5, 2023

  • We are sending a care package to our trainees in Anaheim: Joanne Chen, Minsu Gim, Xiaoyan Ma, Mariana Pop, Matt Tang. Please sign cards and bring treats no later than Tuesday, November 14th.
  • The Puget Sound conference will be November 10-12; brothers James Lee and Ted Williamson are joining us.
  • We will have an all-church cleaning time at the Bellevue meeting hall on Thursday (11/9) at 7:00 pm to set up chairs, clean, and finish preparations for the conference.
  • The schedule for the Puget Sound Conference is as follows:
    • Message 1: Friday night (11/10), 7:30 pm
    • Message 2: Saturday morning (11/11), 10:00 am
    • Message 3: Saturday night (11/11), 7:00 pm
    • Message 4: Lord’s day morning (11/12) in Seattle (Greenlake meeting hall)
  • The Thanksgiving Conference will be held in Dallas, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, from November 23-26 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Hotel information can be found at
  • We will continue with week 5 from the Holy Word for Morning Revival from the July Training on “An Overview of the Central Burden and Present Truth of the Lord’s Recovery before His Appearing”. Please pick up a copy in the bookroom.
  • The Wednesday Night Ministry Meeting is available for anyone with an LSM Webcast subscription can view the Wednesday Night Ministry Meeting from home.
  • The 2024 International Chinese-speaking Blending Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, February 10-11, 2024. Registration for the conference is required to attend. The registration deadline is November 30, 2023. Please contact John Shih ([email protected]) to coordinate. The conference information link
  • We will read the Life-study of Matthew messages 13 and 14 this week.
    • The website ( provides great resources for how to get into the Life-study messages.
    • The new Life-Study mobile is now available
  • The Life-Study of the Bible radio broadcast is every Lord’s day at 8:30 pm, KGNW 820 AM
  • Please refer to the table below for the cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Schedule

Time PeriodFirst FloorSecond Floor
Clean before November 5Korean-speakingDowntown, Chinese-speaking
Clean before November 12Puget Sound Conference – all saints (11/9)Puget Sound Conference – all saints (11/9)
Clean before November 19Young PeopleHall team, Chinese-speaking
Clean before November 26thEast BellevueCentral Bellevue
November 5B
November 12PS Conference
November 19D
November 26A
November 51
November 12 PS Conference
November 193
November 264


  • October 27-29, NW College Retreat
  • November 10-12, Puget Sound Blending Conference

Burdens for Prayer

  • Israel
  • Visas for the Chinese-speaking conference
  • Vital group church life in Bellevue
  • Lord’s move to Europe
  • World situation/Ukraine and China
  • Puget Sound Conference
  • The prayer ministry of the church

Prayer Meeting Ministry Excerpt, November 7th

The Judge This judge was the unique ruler in a certain city. He ruled over the entire city. This speaks of God’s power and authority. Although the world is ruled temporarily by Satan, yet this position is a rebellious usurpation. When the Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross, He cast out the prince of this world. In His death He stripped off “the rulers and the authorities” and “made a display of them openly, triumphing over them in it” (Col. 2:15). Although the world is now under the hand of the evil one, this is not a legitimate arrangement. God has set the time when He will take back the kingdom and put His Son on the throne for a thousand years, even for eternity. Before this time comes, God is merely allowing Satan’s activities; the world still remains under the rule of God. Satan can rule over everything that belongs to him and can also persecute everyone who belongs to God, but this is only temporary. During this temporary period, even Satan is strictly limited by God. He can persecute the saints, but this can be done only within certain limits. Beyond the limit allowed by God, Satan has no authority. We can see this clearly from the story of Job. The judge ruled over the whole city; God rules over the whole world. It was not normal for a person under the judge’s rule to be someone’s opponent. In the same way, it is abnormal for Satan, under God’s rule, to persecute the saints.

The disposition of this judge was that he “did not fear God and did not regard man.” What sort of person does not care for either man or God? However, because of the persistent coming of the widow and her cry to be avenged, and because he was bothered and feared her persistence, he avenged her. The Lord Jesus used this judge as a negative representation of God. God is not virtueless like this judge. He is our loving Father, the One who protects us. He desires to give us the best. Also, He is not unrelated to us like the judge was to the widow. If such a judge would avenge the widow because of her unceasing accusing, will not God, who is more virtuous and loving and is intimately related to His children, avenge them because of their constant prayer? If an unvirtuous judge will avenge a person because of her incessant asking, at the least our God will work for His children because of their prayers. The widow secured her avenging by the judge simply by her unceasing crying. She could not have had any hope in the judge himself, for this judge did not have any virtues. However, our answer to prayer comes not merely because of our unceasing asking, though it is sufficient in itself to gain what we want; our prayer is also based on the goodness of God. This is why the Lord Jesus uses the words “will not God.” The words “will not God” imply a comparison. If the widow who trusted only in unceasing asking received what she wanted, will not we, who trust in our unceasing prayer and who pray on the basis of God’s goodness, receive what we ask for?

CWWN, Vol. 1, Prayer that Resists Satan. Chapter 8.
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